1 June 2012 Tips for film trainees…

Five things to think about before you apply for new-entrant film traineeships…

1)    Which grade or dept. – e.g. Camera, Edit, Sound, Art – are you? If you don’t yet know or are thinking of more than one, then you’re probably not ready for the scheme or need to be looking at Runner opportunities. Many new entrants fall at the first hurdle with a ‘scattergun’ approach, without researching or understanding the job roles. Creative Skillset has some great info on Film job roles.

2)    What film-related skills and experience do you have? We don’t expect you to have made your own feature film! But we like to hear about projects you’ve been involved with, for example at college, university or with a community media group. Have you been lucky enough to gain experience as a Runner? Or already had some work experience on shorts? Show us that you’re serious about working in film and why.

3)    Are you ready for it? Production schedules can shift and change a bit, but once they get going there’s no stopping. Consider your circumstances, what you can commit to and how flexible you are. Think about your location, family and friends, cash, other work, and so on. Traineeship roles reflect the freelance nature of working in film. It’s not 9-5, it can be physically demanding, you might be away from home, dates/places/people will change, and you have to be flexible.

4)    Why film? Lots of people say they want to work in creative industries and are looking for a break, but that alone isn’t enough to convince potential employers that you’re serious about building a career. Show us that you’re passionate about film, that you’ve thought realistically about the industry and what you can bring to it.

5)    Have you done your homework? Another common mistake from new entrants is not reading the traineeship guidelines, not knowing who they are applying to, or not being prepared for interview. Be sure to read the information provided, think carefully about the questions you might be asked and research anything you’re not sure about.

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